Soundiron – Hopkin Instrumentarium : Metaltines (KONTAKT)

By | December 2, 2023


Publisher: Soundiron
Website: Hopkin Instrumentarium: Metaltines
Format: KONTAKT (6.1.1+)
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Metaltines are an impressively sophisticated range of metal lamellaphones created by master instrument maker Bart Hopkins. Includes 4 unique instruments with completely unique shapes and mechanics, but with the same sharpness yet rich metal resonance that shimmers brightly through each one. It includes K1 and K2 hammers, Sit or Play and T-Rod-on-Tine. We’ve included a wide range of game articulations, sound design textures, pads, drones, and multiple microphones/channels to give you complete musical freedom.

Hammers K 1 and 2 are kalimba hammers with large and wide metal keys. Mallet playing tends to favor overtones over fundamentals. On the larger K 1 this results in a ringing mixture of overtones. The smaller K 2 model produces very satisfying bass as the hammers produce a sharp sound that is different from the sound of plucking tines or strings. Both the Mallet K 1 and K 2 have two microphone positions, and the Mallet K 2 also has a direct line output from the pickup.

Sit or Play is a set of three benches, each with a pair of round steel tongue drums built into the seat. The tone of the tongue drums is greatly enhanced by the combination of tabletops acting as soundboards and the resonance of the air partially trapped under the seats. Sit or Play has a hard hammer, a soft hammer, a metal hammer, finger and hand joints with two separate microphone positions.

The T-Rod-On-Tine has short lengths of hardened steel threaded rods attached at right angles to the ends of spring steel teeth. These assemblies have different vibration modes that produce multiple frequencies, and different tones are produced when struck in different ways. To make all these different sounds, we used different types of hammers: rubber, metal, hard, ping pong, rubber band, pick, finger, and the bottom of the hammer. The result is a wide range of different sounds as different playing techniques create unique, complex vibrations with spinning overtones and bass resonance.

We faithfully sampled hand strikes on instrument bodies with two stereo microphone positions. Also included is a wide selection of custom effect presets and a variety of our signature sound effects created from the raw acoustic source to give you complete creative freedom.

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