By | September 11, 2022


Publisher: SoundFxWizard
Website: soundfxwizard

Description: CINEMASSIVE is a library of 110 cinematic effect presets for Ni Massive.
All presets are carefully designed to provide a new sound weapon for all modern trailer composers, cinematic composers, film scorers and sound designers.

Content :
13 categories:
Soft Markers, 8 light and bright synth accent for the top layer of atmospheric trailer music
Hard Markers, 7 hard synth accent for the top layer of atmospheric trailer music
Braaams, 7 distorted and detuned horn style sounds
Benders, 10 pitch modulated tonal synth to add a distant tonal taste
Downers, 8 bass drop, detuned and distorted for music breaks and transitions
Sfx, 17 sound effects, from risers to swells and atmospheric sfx
Plucks, 6 high percussive polyphonic synth to make aggressive short chords
Leads, 11 presets, dirty leads, epic, talking and monophonic glides
Pads, 9 presets, sci-fi style, quiet and analog
Basses, 7 presets for powerful basslines
Trills, 5 tonal pad with little pulsations and fluctuation
Pulse, 10 sequenced and tempo synched bass and lead synth
Noise Grooves, 5 tempo-synched modulated noise for experimental and glitchy grooves

Installation :
Copy presets folder to C:\Users\USER NAME\Documents\Native Instruments\Massive\Sounds

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