SoundFreqs – SFX Vol.1 For MASSiVE (SYNTH PRESET)

By | July 17, 2022


Publisher: SoundFreqs
Website: SoundFreqs

Description : Get ready to experience the high level of sound SFX design and you will never experience NI Massive presets the same way!
The SFX series is an exploration of the evolution of design and delivery of sound effects. SFX Vol.1 adds 50 professionally programmed NI Massive presets to your sonic arsenal that you’ll use over and over again for years to come. Each patch has been expertly programmed to give you the maximum number of options without adding complexity in terms of usability. Eight fully programmed macro controllers give each preset in this collection incredible flexibility and control right at your fingertips.
Rise, sweep, ups, downs, sound effects and more. This sound pack brings instant energy and impressive sound design to your music with every patch you download. Usually FX are designed to stand out and work in the mix on their own. But the presets found in the SFX series can be layered and combined in many innovative ways to create countless unique transition and embellishment effects.
These are the sounds that people want and SoundFreqs are happy to be the sound design team to bring them to you. We have listened to manufacturers and fans for many years and the SFX series was aimed at delivering excellent effects for people who want to decorate their projects without any problems. Take advantage of unlimited and timeless variations for the best creative gear.

Content :
50 N.I. Massive Presets
.nmsv format requires Massive version 1.3 or higher
All Presets have 8 fully-programmed Macro Controls.
*All sounds heard in this demo track are from the SFX Vol. 1 preset collection for NI Massive from SoundFreqs. The sounds used are listed in order of appearance:
•Haunted Spaces
•AfterTouched Me
• Ambient Dissonance
• Cinematique
•In The Paper
•Strong Amber
•Bubble n’ Grit
•Grit Garden
•Big Bomb Zimmer
•Metallic Playground
•Limited Space
• Waiting
• Riser Generator
•Dirty Bird
•Seashore (again)
•Pretty Epic
•It Returns
•Brave New World
•Space Chirps
•Simple Magic
•Little Wings
• Riser Generator (again)

Copy the preset folder to C:\Users\USER NAME\Documents\Native Instruments\Massive\Sounds or use the preset browser in the instrument itself.

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