Sound Ideas – Metropolis Science Fiction Toolkit CD1,2 (WAV)

By | November 23, 2016

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This Science Fiction Toolkit contains a vast royalty free collection of whooshes, sweeps, releases, scans, accents, alerts, blasts, prompts, bleeps, whirls, flutters, synths, washes, impacts, lasers, sirens, pulses and buzzes, plus a great selection of science fiction ambiences and other sound effects and electronic tools. Keep the toolkit handy for everything from odd jobs to universal

Taking design elements to new heights, the Metropolis Science Fiction Toolkit II CD contains over 200 royalty free sound effects never heard anywhere before. This CD includes great mechanical, ethereal, whoosh, metallic, static, and ambience sound effects, plus squeaks, scans, scrapes … and lots more. If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, Metropolis II is here to open up a new frontier.

Format: WAV
Quality: wav stereo, 16 bits, 44,100 kHz

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