Soniccouture – Variable Ambience Drums (KONTAKT)

By | July 28, 2016


Soniccouture has announced the imminent release of Variable Ambience Drums in Kontakt and Battery formats.

Variable Ambience Drums is a set of acoustic drum kits specifically programmed for Native Instruments’ Battery 1 & 2 and Kontakt 1 & 2. Utilising over 1300 24-bit samples, 7 velocity layers and up to 5 positions on the snares, V.A. Drums is a natural, expressive drum kit.

The Variable Ambience Drums concept means that the user can mix real room ambience samples with the drums using MIDI controllers, giving great control over the final drum sound, from dry and intimate to big, boomy, and wet.

The kits included on the DVD are:

  1. Variable Ambience Kit 1
  2. Variable Ambience Kit 2
  3. Variable Ambience Brush Kit
  4. V.A. All snares Kit
  5. V.A. All kicks Kit
  6. Produced Kit
  7. Zep Kit – Loud Rock kit
  8. Anechoic Kit

To complete the set, also included in the collection is the Anechoic Kit. The kit was recorded in an anechoic chamber, a test chamber devoid of all acoustic reflection. The kit’s ultra dry sound makes it ideal for use with convolution reverbs or for more experimental tracks.


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