Sonic Academy – Bouncy Tech House in Ableton Live

By | June 18, 2016



Bouncy Tech House in Ableton Live

In Sonic Academy’s How To Make Bouncy Tech House we show from start to finish how to create a unique and quirky take on Tech House Music championed by the likes of Pleasurekraft.

We make full use of Sonic Academys ANA soft synth when creating our bass and lead parts and we also record in some vocals on the fly and use Abletons on board Vocoder, pushing it to its extremities to create an amazing sounding main riff.

All project files, samples and resources come bundled with the course.. so you can open them at any point and follow along on your own computer.

Contents :

Tutorial 1 – Kicks & Claps 07m 29s
Tutorial 2 – Clap Loop 05m 04s
Tutorial 3 – Multiband Saturation 07m 28s
Tutorial 4 – Multiband Saturation with Sausage Fattener 04m 59s
Tutorial 5 – Rides 09m 10s
Tutorial 6 – Percussion 07m 25s
Tutorial 7 – Reverse Clap 06m 40s
Tutorial 8 – Vocoder 12m 54s
Tutorial 9 – Vocoder Riff 06m 51s
Tutorial 10 – New Vocoder Vocals 11m 18s
Tutorial 11 – New Riff 10m 31s
Tutorial 12 – ANA Bass 08m 28s
Tutorial 13 – Bass Riff 08m 29s
Tutorial 14 – Higher Bass Part 07m 17s
Tutorial 15 – Tightening Up The Bass 13m 10s
Tutorial 16 – Plinky Sound 07m 38s
Tutorial 17 – Pads 10m 43s
Tutorial 18 – Rhythmical Pad 04m 53s
Tutorial 19 – Arp Line 08m 42s
Tutorial 20 – Sub Bass 07m 42s
Tutorial 21 – Arrangement 1 09m 37s
Tutorial 22 – Mini Break 17m 07s
Tutorial 23 – Arrangement 2 05m 26s
Tutorial 24 – Main Breakdown 14m 57s
Tutorial 25 – Arrangement 3 09m 16s
Tutorial 26 – Vocoder Riff 08m 46s
Tutorial 27 – Arranging 4 10m 57s
Tutorial 28 – DJ Friendly Outro 03m 08s
Tutorial 29 – Spot FX 09m 18s
Tutorial 30 – Short Reverb 10m 05s
Tutorial 31 – Long Reverb 12m 02s
Tutorial 32 – Ableton Reverb 03m 19s
Tutorial 33 – Mixing & Mastering 16m 30s


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