Smash Up The Studio – Chilled Out Grooves: Down-Tempo, Up-Tempo Vol.1-2 (Wav, Midi, Rex2, Aiff)

By | December 11, 2021



Manufacturer: Smash Up The Studio
Site: Smash Up The Studio
Format: Wav, Midi, Rex2, Aiff
Quality: 16-24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

Description: Chilled Out Grooves Volume 1 Down-Tempo is a fantastic collection of electric piano grooves with tempo from 65-110 bpm, recorded in 24 bit sound and performed by the best session keyboardist Steve “bertie” Burton. A relaxing, superb collection in the style of a dreamy soundtrack or chilling chill-out compositions. Chilled Out Grooves Up-Tempo Vol.2 is a collection for those who like relaxing chords and great grooves after a hard night on the dance floor. Fantastic progressions from 4 to 8 bars long. Classic Rhodes sounds as well as more modern Voices and Effects, recorded in 24 bit audio at 115 to 170 bpm, covering Disco, Deep House and even Drum n Bass styles. All tunes are also supplied in MIDI format.

Content :
Smash Up The Studio – Chilled Out Grooves Vol.1
Chilled Out Grooves “Down-Tempo” is another fantastic selection of electric piano grooves, performed by top session keyboardist Steve “bertie” Burton.
Ultra laid-back and groovy, this collection ranges from dreamy soundtrack vibes thru to icy cool chill-out club riffs. Chilled Out Grooves “Down-Tempo” is a mouth watering selection of ambient flavors for electric piano
From 65-110 bpm, this superb library will give your music a truly sophisticated edge and a quality that comes only from the best musicians.
From film and soundtrack, to super cool, clubby chill-out vibes, this collection covers it. Featuring a wide selection of different electric piano tones and effects, all recorded in 24 bit audio.
Each loop is a complete 8 or 4 bar progression and is designed to slot perfectly into your track. We have also included the original MIDI files for each loop for complete versatility.
Composed and performed by Steve “bertie” Burton exclusively for Smash Up The Studio.
Smash Up The Studio – Chilled Out Grooves Vol.2
This collection is for those who like tochill out to wicked chords and cool grooves after a heavy night on the dance floor. Fantastic progressions ranging from 4 to 8 bars. Classic “rhodes” sounds and more contemporary tones and effects, all recorded in 24 bit audio. From 115 – 170 bpm, this selection covers cool Disco Vibes, Deeper House and right the way through to laid back Drum n Bass. Each electric piano loop is broken out by bpm and is designed to drop straight into your mix. Also comes with Midi files for complete versatility.
Chilled Out Grooves Up-Tempo also comes with bonus beats from the demo’s and the guitars, synth riff, and also the clav midi files.
Steve “bertie” Burton’s career as a session musician spans 2 decades and has covered many genres. From House, R&B and Pop, thru to Jazz. He has worked on many top tracks on labels like Strictly Rhythm and Ministry Of Sound, and his keyboard work can be heard on great mixes by artists such as Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Babyface, Seal, George Michael, Justin Timberlake, to name but a few

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