Sample Factory – Pimp Tight Reggae Beats Vol.2 (WAV, AIFF, REX2)

By | November 28, 2016


Reggae has and continues to have a HUGE music presence, yet rarely has it been properly represented in a sample CD. That is until now The Sample Factory is pleased to present Pimp Tight Reggae Beatzö designed for the true Herbalist.

Set down the blunt, get back in the studio and fire up some of the hottest beats ever. This CD is packed with the phatest kicks, snares and percussion sounds available. Each blazin’ loop is 4 to 8 bars long and every one can be separated (isolate da kick from da snare from da toms, etc…).

These loops are created by producers with Grammy nominations and Gold & Platinum album credits! E

very sample is REX, AIF and Acid wave compliant!!!


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