Roland Cloud – Rob Acid TB-303 Collection (SYNTH PRESET)

By | May 5, 2021


Publisher: Roland Cloud
Website: roland
Format: SYNTH PRESET (Roland – VS TB-303)
Installation: download from tool menu

Description: Authentic Acid House atmosphere from the master of sound.
Robert Babich from Cologne, also known as Rob Esid, is a legend living, sleeping and making techno music since the early 90s. In those early days, Rob Esid played his incendiary techno in full live, even erasing the settings and programming after the set was over.
After tracking his debut record in 1992, Babich has released over 1000 releases on imprints such as Bedrock, INTEC, Mille Plateaux, Systematic, Audiomatique, Treibstoff, SUGA, Punkt and Praxxiz. Babich not only understands electronic music, but is also a renowned sound engineer, mastering engineer and teacher.
In celebration of TB-303, Roland Cloud is proud to present the Rob Acid TB-303 collection: 48 patches, 32 patterns with 8 variations per pattern and 14 bonus patterns for your tracks for Roland’s iconic silver machine. Using the advanced sequencer capabilities of the virtual TB-303, Rob Acid’s patterns will make your bass lines crush and reshape like never before.

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