Rhythmic Robot Audio – Music Box (KONTAKT)

By | January 9, 2019


Publisher : Rhythmic Robot Audio
Website : rhythmicrobot
Format : KONTAKT 4.2.3+
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : An alternative embodiment of an antique Victorian music box!
• Hundreds of samples for natural change and character
• Sound design provided by synthesized FM tones, reversed samples and altered pitch
• Sampled sounds of clicks, buzzes and spikes of the box.
• 38 factory patches inspired by the real and alternative worlds.
Long before rock music began to play rock and roll, small resonating metal plates existed and could be found under the ornate carved decoration of Victorian music boxes. Some of these mechanisms were unusually confused and included moving figures that whirled, danced, made gestures or seemed to speak before going into cover. Larger arrangements could have removable and interchangeable drums, which allowed me to play different tunes. All of them were more or less rude attempts to bring the music of a symphony or chamber orchestra to the house so that you can listen to it anytime.
The Music Box contains all this winding heritage, but, of course, combines some more modern raisins. At its core, the Music Box was sampled from a 3-octave professional music mechanism that plays its melodies using perforated paper rolls and that could play the piano instead of the drum. This allows the user to create any tune he wishes. To record this, we attached it to the deck of our acoustic guitar Takamine, tuned the open strings in unison and put the capo on the neck according to what note we took for sampling – so the guitar body adds a fair amount of musical-significant resonance to the initial selection of plates .
These basic notes are accompanied in the interface by several additional sound sets: a set of release samples that add small clicks, buzzes, and sound effects when recording (great for introducing a truly Victorian atmosphere); looped sound mechanism, giving you a groovy sound for those moments when you want to emulate the correct tone of the music box; and four synthesized tones that greatly expand the sound palette. One of these is a simple sub-oscillator that boosts the sound, and the next three are more harmonious FM tones generated by our beautiful Yamaha DX5. They allow you to distribute the basic sound of a music box to much more creative areas and have their own ADSR curve.
Another thing that comes up when switching a sample’s reverse is great for creepy, creeping tones, plus a pitch switch that forcibly resets pitch a couple of octaves and gives you access to grumbling, mysterious sounds and moans. By combining them with synthesized tones and an effects panel, you can immediately immerse the Music Box in the heart of sound design.
It doesn’t matter if you want to achieve an authentic sound of an old-time music box or get some alternative steampunk vibes from the Frankenstein universe, the Music Box is here to add an atmosphere and singularity to your compositions.



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