Renegade Media Group – Chris Griffin Keys, Vol 1: Avatar Rhodes (KONTAKT, EXS 24, ReFill, AIFF)

By | August 3, 2016


Imagine playing the same Fender Rhodes that was used on legendary recordings from the 1970’s! Artists like Chic, Peter Fampton, Tony Bennett and hundreds more used this vintage keyboard. J Chris Griffin’s library of Rhodes samples includes an MK11 and a Stereo Suitcase. Chris went into the world-renowned Avatar Studios (formerly Power Station) for several days and sampled their Rhodes, using similar signal paths to the recordings done over 30 years ago. The speakers were mic’d with Neuman U-87 and U-47 FET microphones, running through Neve 1073 pre’s and finally through Apogee converters on the way into Pro Tools®. The room mics were Coles 4038’s run through Pultecs and Apogee converters before Pro Tools®. The DI was an Avalon D5. Chris meticulously hyper-sampled this popular vintage keyboard at different velocities and went through the tedious process of setting up instrument patches for the EXS 24, Kontakt, as well as created a Refill. Chris offers separate DI, Amp and Room samples, giving users the ability to blend the samples to their liking.

Avatar Rhodes Suitcase
Avatar Rhodes Amp
Avatar Rhodes DI
Avatar Rhodes Room
Ballad Rhodes
Lullaby Rhodes
Steely Rhodes
Avatar Rhodes Suitcase Full
Rhodes Amp & Room
Rhodes DI & Amp
Rhodes DI & Room
Rhodes Janus MkII
AM Radio Rhodes
Doobie Rhodes
Rhodes Janus MkII
Rhodes MkII Phaser

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