ReFX Slayer 2 VSTi ver.2.6

By | December 18, 2015


Slayer is a physical modelled virtual E-Guitar + AMP + Cabinet + FX.

  • Emulates 3 different pick-up types with 9 string variants.
  • Guitars material and size can be changed (good for acoustic sounds).
  • Built in AMP/Cabinet simulation (6 Amp models & 6 Cabinets)
  • 16 effects “pedals” (eight pre-amp, eight post-amp) including “Wah Wah”, Tremolo, Phaser , Chorus, etc.
  • Effect-pedals can be moved around to change the signal-processing order (Drag ‘n’ Drop).
  • Up and down strumming is supported (up, down, alternate and velocity).
  • Playing-aids for instant gratification.
  • 64 presets.
  • The effects section is also included as a separate effect plugin.


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