Q Up Arts – Voices of the Aztecs (WAV)

By | November 18, 2016


Add ancient culture to your music. Voices of the Aztecs is a full compilation of Aztec instruments, loops and vocals. These samples were recorded in Mexico using archeological artifacts.

From the big huehuetl drum to the smallest of ocarinas, all of the sounds are unique. Water drums and wooded percussion, clay flutes and incredible sound of the sea shell horn all remind us of a distant culture disappeared 400 years ago. Voices of the Aztecs also includes Nahuatl poems recited by Santos de la Cruz, a poet of Aztec descent. The booklet included offers a cultural history of the Aztecs.

Technical Spec: WAV 44.1k/24bits/44k/16-bit./Stereo


1: Voices of the Aztecs demo
2: Huehuetl
3: Tarahumara Drum
4: Toyo
5: Bombo
6: Tam Drum
7: The Seed
8: The Wind
9: Stones
10: Rain Stick
11: Cantaro
12: Teponaztli
13: Cayum & Bones
14: Water Drum
15: Trompote
16: Ayotl
17: Cry Flute Double Flute
18: Flute
19: Ocarina
20: Quena
21: Tremolo & Water Flutes
22: Birds
23: Bule
24: Animals
25: Tlapitzali
26: Bambu
27: Nahuatl Poems
28: Nahuatl Expressions
29: Ambiences
30: Loops 1
31: Loops 2
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