Pulsar Modular – P11 Abyss v1.1.1 – MORiA (VST3, AAX, AU) [WiN.OSX x64]

By | March 12, 2023


Release Year/Date : 20.02.23
Developer : Pulsar Modular
Developer Site : Pulsar Modular
Format : VST3, AAX, AU
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : Present/Cure [MORiA]
System requirements : WIN 10+ macOS 10.12+

Description :
P11 Abyss is an audio compressor A chameleon that can be ultra-clean, rivaling the cleanest mastering compressors, or super-dirty, rivaling the best color compressors.
Today’s producers, engineers and artists should not be limited by the need to understand the various characteristics offered by the many physical compressor topologies. They don’t have to project and translate this information into choosing the right tool for the right purpose. You can choose VCA if you want a deep, aggressive hit; Opto for clean, open, smooth action; Vari Mu for smooth, rhythmic pulsing.
Abyss completely discards physically imposed rules and restrictions, allowing him to masterfully display any desired characteristic. Aggressive, assertive, smooth, open, breathable, tight, clean, dirty… it’s all here at your fingertips. Abyss fulfills the dream of a direct connection to sound without getting bogged down in technical details.
Immerse yourself and experience the endless colors, shades and symbols that Abyss beautifully extracts from your audio. It is designed to be equally at home on individual tracks and instruments, group busses, returns and main busses. It is designed to handle all mixing, banter and stereo mastering tasks.

Peculiarities :

– Organic hardware feel and behavior.
– Covers the sound of all compressor topologies.
– Unique audio circuit designs: SOUL, PSI and O2.
– Less than 1% CPU usage and zero sample latency!
– All parameters are available in DAW for automation.
– Clipper routing and Brickwall limiter.
– AU, AAX and VST3 formats. LV2 coming soon.

Changelog :

Version 1.1.1 February 20, 2023
– This version replaces version 1.1 due to a bug in the Pro Tools Sidechain.
– Engine update for the next level of analog behavior.
– Updated EQ bands from our future EQ Mastering.
– Added Cut/Attenuation EQ bands.
– AAX is now ready for Apple Silicon.

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