ProducerWav – Saint Cardona – Fallin Angel Drill Kit (WAV, MIDI)

By | April 18, 2021


Publisher: ProducerWav
Format: WAV, MIDI
Quality: 32 bit 48 kHz stereo

All the drums I used in 2020 for posting and YouTube beats like 600, Cactus, or 1997, as well as the new sounds I created for them.

All the drums I used in 2020 for placements and youtube beats like “600”, “Cactus” or “1997”, and new sounds I’ve been creating for it.
A BONUS folder with 3 unique 808 Drill MIDIs and 3 unique Hithat Drill MIDIs.
A BONUS folder with 6 Orquestral ONESHOTS (Violin, Contrabass, Choir, etc).


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