Producer loops – Supalife Dubstep: Smooth Edition (REX, WAV, MIDI)

By | November 20, 2021


Manufacturer: Producerloops
Website: _http: // …
Format: REX / RMX, WAV, MIDI
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

Description: ‘Supalife Dubstep: Smooth Edition’ from Producer Loops brings you five striking multi-format Construction Sets, touching on the lighter side of dubstep. 366 unique music loops and MIDI data for all music content make this a versatile and powerful package for all dubstep producers.

‘Supalife Dubstep: Smooth Edition’ brings you five astounding multi-format Construction Kits, covering the lighter side of Dubstep. 366 unique musical loops and MIDI data for all musical content make this a versatile and powerful pack for all Dubstep producers.
Producer Eddy Beneteau adds to the Supalife catalog with ‘Supalife Dubstep Smooth Edition’. Taking distinctive elements of Dubstep such as wobble basses, reese phrases, half time drums and frantic top loops, and fusing them with more uplifting vibes, Eddy has created a unique sound that will suit any producer looking for something fresh and unheard.
The rhythmical and bass line elements in this pack will slot perfectly into more conventional dubstep productions, while the catchy vocal hooks, trance influenced arpeggios and gates and smooth ambience will open up a world of possibility outside of the confines of the genre.
Check out the demos now to hear this incredible pack in action.
Computer Music Review (Score 8/10)
“Supalife’s latest effort takes the slightly odd approach of putting a ‘Smooth’ twist on dubstep. While this might be hard for your mind’s ear to conjure up, in short it ranges from classic wobbles and bears to a more commercial vocal-based approach, and even dips into R&B territory.
The pack is made of up five Construction Kits, each broken down into their (dry and wet) stems for you to manipulate. The quality is fantastic with lots of depth and clarity in the beats, basslines and pads, and although everything is set to 140BPM, there’s lots ot work with. ”
(SCORE 8/10)

Pick ‘n’ Mix:
This pack adds to Producer Loops ever expanding catalog of Pick ‘n’ Mix products, allowing you to tailor your download based upon your needs. If you require only a certain kit from within the pack, in a particular format, no problem – just purchase that pack. Or of course you can still just buy the entire library.

Key and Tempo Tagging:
As with all Producer Loops products, all of the files in this pack include tempo and key information in the filename (as well as embedded within the format) so you can see it at a glance.

About MIDI:
For producers demanding ultimate control you need MIDI loops and you’ll find plenty of them here! ‘Supalife Dubstep: Smooth Edition’ includes over 60 MIDI files that will give you access to the raw musical data behind these loops, allowing you to assign your favorite drum and synth sounds to them.

Release Loops:
Certain loop categories within this library also include ‘Release’ or ‘Unlooped’ versions of the loops, allowing you to sidestep the problem of how to end a sustained or heavily effected musical phrase. We provide them so you can make our effected loops work in any situation. Even though they are unlooped files, they will conform to tempo in your DAW package. Dry versions are also provided where possible, so you can add your own FX.

All the loops and samples in this pack are licensed to you for use within both personal and commercial compositions at no extra cost, with no exceptions!

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