Pressure Samples – New School of Progressive House (wav)

By | July 29, 2016

Pressure-Samples-New-School-of-Progressive-House-squareIn this second installment from the “New School” series, Hy2rogen hits the progressive side of things with 10 original construction kits build for the main arena.

Inspired by the current sound of dance music, Hy2rogen packs up big melodic chords, killer leads, phat drum kits, funky additives, chopped up vocal glitches and of course big-ass basslines to fill up the mix.

Totaling 555MB, each progressive kit contains the full mix, plus each element broken down into kick, fx, hat, bass, additive, percussion, lead, bassline, vocal glitch constituent loops.

MIDI files are offered in each pack for the lead/bass/additive component(s).

Tempo-synced at house standard 125-128, all the kits are key-labeled and include the original composition for your 100{83c93de8c9bf92b09b526c8ece7da73c325d55368c444eba1a4531e14f6c453a} copyright free usage


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