NYRV Systems – Agent VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX x86 x64

By | July 3, 2016



AGENT is fundamentally a configurable virtual control surface for effects. With AGENT you gain control of your entire effects chain in a single interface.

AGENT has a Channel Strip page and an Effects Rack page. They are essentially identical but we designed them to work together the way a rack of outboard effects would interact with a large format console channel strip:

  • Hosts up to 16 VST or AU effects plugins per instance.
  • Internal Linear Routing.
  • Highly customizable controls.
  • Multiple Skins.
  • Configurable Input/Output Meters.
  • Individual Slot meters for every plugin.
  • Cross Platform Presets.
  • Page Configuration Presets.
  • Global Configuration Presets.
  • Default Parameter Presets.
  • Runs in Most Major DAWs.
  • Ultra-Low Latency.
  • Multi-Layer Graphical interface.
  • Load your own custom graphics.
  • Midi Mapping.

• AGENT includes 12 High Quality Audio Devices:

  • 3Q – Musical high/mid/low EQ for sculpting.
  • 10Q – 10 Band graphic EQ with +/- 18db.
  • FilterQ –High Pass and Low Pass Filters with Resonance boost.
  • HP-2 – High Pass Filter with variable attenuation.
  • LP-2 – Low Pass Filter with variable attenuation.
  • Red – Channel Saturation Module.
  • Compression G – Buss and Track Compressor.
  • Transformer – Transient Shaper.
  • Protector – 1 knob Limiting.
  • Drive – Creative tube driver effect.
  • H-Boost – Harmonic Enhancer.
  • dSr – De-Esser.


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