Native Instruments – Kontakt 6 v6.6.0 – UPDATE ONLY FiXED-3 (STANDALONE, VSTi, VST3, AUi) [OSX x64]

By | January 27, 2023


Year of release: 06.07.2021
Version: 6.6.0 FiXED-3
Developer: Native Instruments
Developer site: Native Instruments
Platform: iNTEL+M1
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: English
Tablet: cured (install and run) | MORIA
System requirements: [iNTEL] + [M1]
Mac: OS 10.13 Hugh Sierra+
Plugin Formats: AUI | VSTi | VST3i | STANDALONE
Previous installed version of KONTAKT

Description : Kontakt is the standard in the world of samplers. Native Instruments Kontakt 6 provides a set of high quality filters ranging from classic analog circuits and state variable models to modern format filters. Some of the 37 new filters use the new Adaptive Resonance concept, which automatically controls the filter response to prevent annoying sonic artifacts from excessive resonant peaks. The fifth version of the sampler also adds TimeMachine Pro time-scratching, which provides better sound quality for harmonic solo instruments.
The effects section in Native Instruments Kontakt 6 has been expanded with several key additions that focus on the studio style of sound processing. New Solid G-EQ and Solid Bus Comp algorithms, borrowed from the Solid Mix Series, allow equalization and compression, and the separately purchased Transient Designer has been integrated into Kontakt’s effects section in its original form. In addition, a new analog Tape Saturator can add natural compression and a subtle organic overdrive, while vintage sampling modes taken from the Native Instruments Maschine have been integrated into the Native Instruments Kontakt 6 feature set.
For sound designers and professional samplers, Native Instruments Kontakt 6 offers a new instrument bus system and KSP-based MIDI file support. The 16 internal stereo busses with their individual built-in slots provide increased routing flexibility, the MIDI file feature in the Kontakt Script Processor allows you to create advanced instrument types from instruments with a versatile integrated MIDI playback function.

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Native Instruments – Session Guitarist Picked Nylon
Native Instruments – Session Guitarist Electric Vintage
Native Instruments – Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic
Native Instruments – Session Guitarist Electric Sunburst Deluxe
Native Instruments – Session Guitarist: Electric Sunburst
Native Instruments – Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2
Native Instruments – Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic
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New in version :
6.6.0 – 2021-07-06
VST3 Target, User content base path, flexible EVENT_PAR routing.
ADDED Kontakt now also provides a VST3 target
REMOVED 32bit VST2 target is no longer provided
CHANGED The Options Load/Import tab is updated and renamed to Loading
ADDED It is now possible to set a user library path in the Kontakt options Loading Tab
ADDED KSP New KSP command redirect_output()
IMPROVED KSP It is now possible to refresh the ui_file_selector
ADDED KSP Scripts can now send modulation events to the new From Script modulator
ADDED KSP It is now possible to attach the ui_meter to gain reduction meters
ADDED KSP Level meter ranges and orientation can now be set with $CONTROL_PAR_RANGE_MIN and $CONTROL_PAR_RANGE_MAX
ADDED New factory script Arpeggiator (sync) based on the listener callback for solid host sync timing
ADDED The about screen now displays the Kontakt target
FIXED When modulating amp release, the release velocity was delayed by one note
FIXED Kontakt could crash on Windows if the system user documents folder was on a USB or network drive
FIXED Kontakt could crash when re-ordering NKIs in a bank
FIXED In some cases external modulator names were missing in instruments created with Kontakt 4 or earlier
FIXED Wavetable Inharmonic knob is now correctly displayed as a bipolar value
FIXED Collection of minor cosmetic GUI fixes

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