Native Instruments – DRUMLAB 1.0 + 1.2 Update (KONTAKT)

By | September 18, 2023


Publisher: Native Instruments

Description: Drumlab is the first sound laboratory of its kind, combining clean acoustic samples with energetic electronics – all in one intuitive interface. Create thousands of new drum combinations, get into the lab and start experimenting – with Drumlab you will always be a winner.

Additional Information :
1 NKI for hybrid custom drum kit consisting of:
Kick (9 variations)
Snare (10 variations)
3 Toms (6 variations)
Hi-hat (7 variations)
Ride cymbal (2 variations)
2 Crash cymbals (4 variations)
A choice of 5 percussion sounds from 20 different instruments
Plus a set of perfectly mapped and matched electronic layers
for kick, snare, toms and hi-hat (20 variations each)
108 NKIs for individual drum instruments
Total of sampled acoustic instruments: 58
Total of electronic layering sounds: 80
Mac: Intelmac only, no PPC support
PC: needs SSE2 (CPU supplementary instruction set)

Requires KONTAKT 5

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