MS Records – Relaxed Progressive Hau5 (Midi, Sylenth1)

By | February 7, 2022


Producer: MS Records
Format: Midi, Sylenth1

Description: An impressive pack of 21 progressive midi files from the Hau5 series. It also contains killer presets for the Sylenth1 virtual synthesizer.
‘That Hau5 Sound’ from MS Records returns with the second installment of their best-selling ‘Hau5’ series. This is more progressively focused and introduces you to 15 fully ready progressions. Including Sylenth1 Lead, secondary lead, arpeggiated pluck and FX presets.
The follow up to ‘That Hau5 Sound’ takes you deeper into the world of Music Production. More in-depth chord sequences and complex note placement give you the power to see how the professionals achieve their floor-filling sounds.
MS Records know that in order to better understand how to write killer progressions, you need more than just pre-made loops. This is why they provide you with everything you need to make tracks like those demonstrated in the demo; right down to the exact presets used.

• 21 MIDI files
• Sylenth 1: Lead preset
• Sylenth 1: Secondary lead preset
• Sylenth 1: Arp pluck preset
• Sylenth 1: FX down shift preset

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