ModeAudio – Magnetic Pulse: Massive Tech House Presets (MIDI, SYNTH PRESET)

By | June 21, 2022


Publisher: ModeAudio



Quality: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo

Description: This release deftly combines deep, dark and smooth house elements with razor-sharp, brooding techno, delivering a mouth-watering range of sonic delights.

Content :
10 Bass Presets
5 Sub Bass Presets
10 Chord Synth Presets
10 Lead Synth Presets
5 Pad Synth Presets
4 Arp Synth Presets
6 SFX Presets
50 MIDI Loops (Key-Labeled)

Additional Information :
It’s time to lock down that groove and dig deep into the Tech House vibe – introduce your Massive synth to a whole new world of thumping rhythm and emotive melody with Magnetic Pulse – Massive Tech House Presets, our latest collection of 50 custom-crafted, deep -programmed patches for the finest soft synth on the planet!
Feel the earth beneath your feet shake as you load up these sounds, each one sending epic waves of sumptuous sound from your speakers and headphones straight to your eardrums. This release craftily combines the deepest, darkest and smoothest elements of House with razor-sharp, brooding Techno, delivering a mouth-watering range of sonic delights. From gigantic, subterranean Bass and Sub Bass patches to slamming Synth Leads, driving Synth Chords, uplifting Pads, evolving Arps and frenetic SFX, this pack flips its mood from subtle to extrovert at the drop of the beat!
Dialling in oceans of reverb, cavernous delay, crackling tube warmth and distortion, unique modulation routings, frenzied feedback and so much more, each preset in this collection also carefully stacks up those chart-storming waveforms to bring you a whole world of precision-designed , instantly-usable sound. Each preset contains all 8 macros fully-programmed and ready for tweaking, so you have the flexibility with each sound to tinker away till the vibe is just right.
Also included on top of the presets are 50 key-labelled MIDI Loops, each paired with a corresponding Massive preset so you can try the sounds instantly and start cooking up new beats straight after download. Feel that pulse echo around the dancefloor and let it stir the souls of your listeners – grab Magnetic Pulse – Massive Tech House Presets now!

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