Minimal System Instruments – Punch Evolved 1.0 (VST) [Win x86]

By | March 11, 2017

Minimal System Instruments Punch Evolved is a compressor, an improved and modified version of the rather popular and respected Minimal System Instruments plugin – “Punch Compressor”. Developers completely redesigned the mechanism and added new functions of sound formation: Mid / Side processing, equalization, gate section.

Features Minimal System Instruments Punch Evolved:
– Ultra fast attack time;
– Unique analog features;
– Emulation FET Gain Reduction;
– Adjustable Attack and Release parameters;
– Ratio parameters 2: 1, 4: 1, and 8: 1 are most suitable for compression modes, but there are also 20: 1 for full limitation;
– M / S processing;
– Gate with control for Threshold, Attack and Release;
– Equalizer;
– Full automation capabilities;
– Flexible VU-meter;
– LED Visual Feedback;
– Professionally developed user interface;
– Presets from Movie Iga and Kendal Osborne;
– Based on the 1176AE Limiting Amplifier Compressor;
– Gives excellent results with use on drums;
– Not demanding on CPU resources.


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