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By | August 8, 2016


DJ SAMPLES: e-DANCE – a great help in the search for his own sound, drawing melodies and arranging music.
A comprehensive library of music samples, designed for both professionals and beginners musicians, created on the basis of the personal collection of the musician, sound engineer and producer group ‘Mirage’ Alexei Gorbashova, last tested in the Russian and European studios. The library was developed based on the stylistic features of trends in contemporary dance music Eurodance, as well as comments isaund sound engineers-producers. DJ SAMPLES: e-DANCE Able to meet the most specific needs as a DJ and arrangers and producers of sound tracks for films and commercials.

Hundreds of new, interesting sounds, loops, synthesized sound effects to your musical palette!
Library professional sound producer of the collection, a sound engineer, musician band ‘Mirage’ Alexei Gorbashova 4,000 different samples for modern dance music

Features of digital products:
200 samples the bass sounds of 240 different pads, the synthetic sample 723, 168 guitar sample, 112 sound effects and much more

about 2000 individual samples drum sounds (drums, Clapham, hety, cymbals, percussion, etc.).

saving computer resources due to the special sound optimization

convenient program Explorer

comprehensive practical advice on working with the most popular music programs

BeatCounter program for calculating the audio delay

BASS: 200 Samples
DRUMS: 1848 Samples
SFX: 112 Samples
PADS: 240 Samples
SYNTHS: 723Samples
GUITAR: 168 Samples
OTHER: 704 Samples

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