Marcos Ciscar – Fairytale Flute (KONTAKT)

By | May 14, 2024


Publisher: Marcos Ciscar
Website: Marcos Ciscar
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: The inspiration came from retro recordings of classical music, pop-acts using both the Chamberlin and the Mellotron and of course new-age artists such as Ralph Lundsten and Tangerine Dream. I call it “Fairytale flute” simply because I searched for that beautiful and perhaps otherworldly flute sound I heard so many times but with an added layer of realism compared to at least the Chamberlin and Mellotron sounds.
It stays within the sound frame of a retro style flute recording with the addition of todays creative sound design.

This instrument is not meant to cover the whole range of retro flute sounds such as overblown, bended, tremolo, noise-making etc. It aims at the flutes sweet spot and it contains two different kinds of presets:

Fairytale flute – Legato style
This is the flute sound in monophonic mode with legato scripting. It mimics the way a solo flute sounds with legato style playing. If you play hard the notes will play faster in a staccato style whereas if you play soft the notes will be slower and softer. The legato scripting mimics the way the pitch and attack behaves when changing notes on a real flute. The presets 1 – 4 are set to this mode.

Fairytale flute – Keyboard style
This is the polyphonic version inspired by the Chamberlin and the Mellotron. Use this preset for orchestral pieces with several flute parts or for that other wordly flute moment inspired by old fairytales. The presets 5 – 8 are set to this mode. Based on a sampled Yamaha C flute. Range: 3 octaves (C3 – C6) The pitch bender affects the pitch. Each preset has unique settings. The modulation wheel affects vibrato. Each preset has unique settings. Remember: The flute tones come with performed vibrato and moving the modulation wheel adds vibrato.

Please Note: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 is required

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