Logic Pro X 10.2 [Intel]

By | December 15, 2015


Logic Pro is a comprehensive software package that delivers everything a musician needs to write, record, edit, mix, and perform in the studio and on the stage.

Streamlined Interface:

  • Unified window design consolidates multiple edit and browser areas.
  • Library browser makes it easy to find audio files, channel strip settings, and plug-in settings.
  • Inspector provides convenient access to region and track parameters as well as primary mix functions via the innovative Dual Channel Strip.
  • Assign tools to mouse and view current assignments directly in the Arrange window.
  • Simple multiple track creation and setup.
  • Customizable tool and transport bars.
  • Context-sensitive shortcut menus.
  • Definable startup behavior.
  • Enhanced plug-in headers for all instruments and effects.
  • Global Tracks for graphical editing of key and time signatures, markers, tempo, and transposition.
  • Selectable time- and/or beat-based bar ruler for time-linear and/or beat-linear display in the Arrange window.
  • Waveform zoom slider for improved visibility of low-level signals.
  • Extensive zoom tools and functions.


Ultimate Writing Studio:

  • Extensive MIDI composition
    • Region-based quantize, transpose, gate, swing, and velocity control.
    • MIDI Groove templates.
    • Creative MIDI processing and routing in the Environment.
    • Caps Lock Keyboard for note entry using computer keyboard.
    • Custom and Hermode tuning.
    • MIDI step entry.
  • Full support for Apple Loops
    • Apple Loops browser for finding and previewing loops based on tempo, key, style, and mood.
    • Export of MIDI and audio regions as Apple Loops.
    • Edit plug-ins and MIDI performances for Software Instrument loops.
    • Independent loop transposition.
    • Comprehensive loop tagging and editing with Apple Loops Utility.
  • Complete music notation
    • Real-time transcription.
    • Instrument transposition.
    • Guitar tablature.
    • Drum notation.
    • Chord symbols.
    • Adaptive lyric input.
    • Automatic multibar rests.
    • Comprehensive palette of slurs, crescendis, and other ornaments.
    • Staff Styles for easy recall of multiple stave attributes.
    • Score Sets allow instruments to be combined for editing and print.
    • Layout and printing of complete professional scores.
  • Robust video playback features
    • Embedded or floating video window display.
    • Digital Cinema Desktop for display of full-screen video on second monitor.
    • External video output via FireWire or DVCPRO HD.
    • Global video thumbnail track.
    • Scene detect option to mark video transitions automatically.
  • Fast and intuitive region looping.
  • Global chord track with automatic chord recognition.

Production Powerhouse:

  • Over 980 definable key and MIDI commands.
  • 90 recallable screen configurations.
  • Audio file and I/O resolution up to 24-bit/192kHz.
  • Internal audio resolution: 32-bit floating point; 64-bit precision where required.
  • Comprehensive surround support up to 7.1, with flexible surround mixing facilities.
  • Extended project length: 6 hours at 96kHz; 13 hours at 44.1kHz.
  • .Mac backup and sharing of preferences and settings.
  • Use of an Apple Remote to control Logic Pro 8 from a distance, with the ability to play, stop, record, rewind, fast-forward, and move to the next or previous track.
  • High-end POW-r dithering algorithm.
  • Seamless punch-on-the-fly recording.
  • Low latency mode to remove plug-in induced latency during recording.
  • Graphic beat mapping for creating tempo maps from existing audio.
  • Well-designed collection of production-ready templates.
  • Multiple documents open at once.
  • Bounce to AIFF, WAV (Broadcast Wave), CAF, SDII, MP3, M4A (Apple Lossless, AAC).
  • Fast, offline bouncing of single or multiple tracks.
  • Burn any bounced audio directly to CD or DVD-A (PCM only).
  • Master and author professional, Red Book-standard CDs with WaveBurner, included in Logic Studio.
  • Asset management simplifies consolidation and transport of projects and their dependent assets.
  • MIDI note extraction from audio for drum replacement and melodic transcription.
  • Freeze Tracks feature releases CPU resources by invisibly rendering tracks.
  • Distributed audio processing (DAP) aggregates processing power of multiple computers on a network.
  • Serial-based copy protection.
  • Powerful folders to facilitate organization and streamline various arranging tasks.

Extreme Compatibility:

  • Open GarageBand songs directly in Logic Pro.
  • Support for Apple Core Audio and Digidesign DAE/TDM hardware.
  • Support for TDM and AudioSuite plug-ins with DAE/TDM hardware.
  • Support for Audio Units plug-ins.
  • Support for AAF, OMF, Open TL, and XML (Final Cut Pro).
  • Streamlined ReWire support for optimized integration with Reason, Ableton Live, and other ReWire-compatible applications.


Precision Editing:

  • Intuitive region-based MIDI and audio editing.
  • Comprehensive set of editing tools assignable to left, right, and key-modified mouse buttons.
  • Effortless take management:
    • Region-based take recording and management in automatically generated take folders.
    • Pack existing tracks into take folders.
    • Single-click take selection.
    • Colorize takes on the fly.
    • Intelligent unpacking of take folders onto separate tracks.
    • Move and edit entire take folders like any other region.
  • Revolutionary Quick Swipe Comping
    • Build a comp track from multiple takes.
    • Create comps on the fly.
    • Audition comps in real time.
    • Automatic, customizable crossfades between phrases.
    • Flatten function replaces take folder with regions that represent the current comp.
    • Flatten and Merge function replaces take folder with newly created audio file.
  • Multiple MIDI editors:
    • Piano Roll.
    • Score.
    • Hyper.
    • Event List.
    • Transform.
  • Graphical time stretching and compression in the Arrange window.
  • Sample-accurate editing in the Arrange window.
  • Definable relative or absolute snap grid.
  • Nondestructive graphical fades and crossfades.
  • Snap-to-transient selection.
  • Shuffle and Auto-Crossfade Arrange Edit modes.
  • Destructive sample editing using built-in or external sample editor like Soundtrack Pro 2.
  • 10,000-step undo history.
  • Time-linear and/or beat-linear display in the Arrange window.

Professional Mixing and Automation:

  • Track Mixer views simplify mixer channel navigation.
  • Dynamic channel strip creation accelerates mixer setup and configuration.
  • Easy setup of multi-output software instruments.
  • Signal Flow view option shows all channel strips (e.g., Aux, Output, Master) within the audio signal path of the selected channel strip.
  • Save/Load complete plug-in configurations using channel strip settings.
  • Sample-accurate, track-based 32-bit automation.
  • Track- or region-based solo and mute.
  • Track mute/solo in either Fast or CPU-Saving mode.
  • Solo safe mode for any channel strip.
  • Direct insert patching of external hardware instruments and effects.
  • Exponential or dB-linear level meter scaling.
  • Busses as sources for recording.
  • Inline input monitoring.
  • Up to 255 independent mono, stereo, or surround audio channels.
  • Up to 255 independent software instrument channels.
  • Up to 255 auxiliary channel strips.
  • 64 busses.
  • 15 inserts, 8 sends per channel.
  • 32 multi-assignable channel groups for mix and edit.
  • Extensive control surface support with autolearn.
  • EuCon protocol support for Euphonix MC and System-5-MC control surface systems.
  • Support for Smart AV Smart Console.
  • Support for active control surfaces via CS plug-ins.
  • Curve tool for refining automation.
  • Powerful automation features include:
    • Group automation recording.
    • Linked editing of grouped automation.
    • Automation Quick Access for easy hardware control of currently selected parameter.
    • Automate any channel strip parameter or plug-in parameter on the fly or manually input parameter values using a breakpoint interface.
    • View multiple automation parameters for a single track at once.
    • Simultaneously view and edit automation for single or multiple tracks.
    • Read, write, touch, and latch automation modes.

Comprehensive Surround:

  • Support for all standard surround configurations, including LCRS, Quad, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1.
  • Support for multichannel interleaved and split surround audio files.
  • Play back, record, or process multichannel interleaved audio files.
  • Surround level metering.
  • Multichannel signal routing via sends, busses, and auxiliaries.
  • Graphic Surround Panner to manipulate mono or stereo streams within a surround field.
  • Graphic Surround Balancer to simultaneously balance all channels of surround input.
  • Support for Logic Studio True Surround plug-ins.
  • Built in multi-mono support lets you use any mono or stereo Logic Studio or Audio Units plug-in in a surround project.
  • Surround bounce and burn to DVD-A (PCM only) disc.
  • Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding and preview with Compressor.
  • Easy mixdown to stereo and surround formats using Down Mixer plug-in.


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