KORG Inc. – KORG Wavestation ROM CARDS Collection #2 (SYNTH PRESET)

By | April 14, 2022


Publisher: KORG Inc.
Website: www.korg.com
Quality: 96 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Here is another rare collection of Korg Wavestation ROM Cards & Floppy Disks for your enjoyment.


Info & Instructions:
1.) All of the .wsram files are designed to be loaded into the RAM1 slot of the Wavestation.
To do this, click “FILE” then “LOAD” then “Load RAM 1”
Please Note : If you wish to use sounds from 2 or more ROM cards at once in your music, then you must use multiple instances of the Wavestation plugin because loading ROM cards designed for RAM1 into RAM2 or RAM3 will often result in presets not sounding as they should.
2.) Some of the ROM cards (.wsram files) require that the default RAM2 and RAM3 cards are present, so it’s best to load all of the .wsram files with the default presets still in RAM2 & RAM3.
3.) Some of the ROM cards were designed to be loaded with another (non default) card loaded into RAM2 or RAM3. So to avoid confusion I have turned those particular ROM cards into .fxb files and not .wsram files.
To load the multi ROM card file (.fxb) click “FILE” then “LOAD” then “Load ALL RAMS”
4.) If you find that some of the presets are too quiet, don’t forget you can click “GLOBAL” & then change “Output Gain:” to +6 or +12db.


NOTE : Where it has been possible I have also included the original SysEx (.syx) files for those of you with a hardware Wavestation.
Lots more classic Korg Wavestation patches in this collection.

There are 34 ROM CARDS in this collection:

Electron Artistries [5 ROM CARDS]
Greytsounds [2 ROM CARDS]
Kang-Kong [1 ROM CARD]
Korg [6 ROM CARDS]
Nice Bytes [8 FLOPPY DISKS]
SHS-Sound Software [2 ROM CARDS]
Sound Foundation [3 ROM CARDS]
Technosis [1 ROM CARD]
Voce [2 ROM CARDS]
XTrem Sound [2 ROM CARDS]


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