Hollow Sun – String Synths II (Kontakt, Wav)

By | July 22, 2016


Pre-dating polyphonic synths by some years, string synthesisers used electronic organ ‘divide-down’ technology to provide a totally polyphonic sawtooth waveform. This was then typically fed through a simple, two stage envelope shaper offering just attack and release and then onto an analogue ‘bucket brigade’ chorus unit to produce the ‘ensemble’ effect. They effectively replaced the noble Mellotron as a portable string section as they were FAR more reliable and, errmmm, more portable!

There were several manufacturers producing string synths that utilised the same basic technique in the mid to late ’70s – Elka, Crumar and others and later on, Yamaha, Roland and Korg – but it was the ARP String Ensemble that was perhaps the best known. But that in itself was derived from the Eminent 310, an organ from a little known Dutch manufacturer that featured a great string synth sound (Jean-Michel Jarre used an Eminent 310 on his early albums often through an Electro-harmonix Small Stone phaser pedal for his signature sound on the early albums).

Eminent faced tough competition in a competitive market and were battling it out with the likes of Hammond, Farfisa, Vox not to mention Japanese manufacturers and they went through many troubled times. In an attempt to overcome these financial difficulties, they released a dedicated string machine under the ‘Solina’ brand name.

The Solina String Ensemble was to become a legend amongst certain keyboard players (mostly European) as one of the first string synths available. It retained many of the characteristics of the original 310 sound but in a compact, portable format. However, this small Dutch company didn’t have the marketing clout to make the global impact this instrument so richly deserved. American synth giant ARP bought in or licenced the technology and it formed the basis of their own String Ensemble (and later Omni, Omni II and Quadra synths).

Through high quality sampling and customized control panels Hollow Sun makes you forget that you are playing a sample – Sometimes it feels like playing the real thing via MIDI.

* 44.1kHz/24-bit
* Long, extensive multi-samples
* Solina, Eminent 310, Moog Opus, Roland RS202, Elka 490
* Kontakt 3.5 format
* Custom Kontakt scripted panel offering…
— Balance of string registers
— Simple envelope
— Stereo phase shifter
— Variable velocity curves, pitchbend, transpose, etc.


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