Goldbaby – MT40 Digital Dancehall Revolution (BATTERY, KONTAKT, EXS24, GEIST, AIFF, REX2, WAV)

By | October 27, 2017


Casio MT40 looks like an ordinary home keyboard of the 80’s, but it has a wonderful story. It was used to create a song called Under Mi Sleng Teng …, thanks to which the digital revolution of Dancehall began. The pre-arrangements of the rock drum and bass accompaniment are unmistakable and have been used since then many times.

The MT40 drums are lo-fi, but surprisingly punchy. The bass is warm, fuzzy and very original. Keyboard tools are based on two mixed impulse square waves, with digital envelopes and a low-pass filter.

Goldbaby used a studio full of delicious analog equipment to sample all the drum sounds as single samples and drum loops (Rex, Apple and Wav), and also sampled bass sound with 4 different signal circuits, and finally multitampled 16 tonal instruments.

This sample package pays tribute to this tool. Fantastic time has created a fantastic tool and it’s great!


• 370 x 24 bit wav samples
• 17 Rex, 17 Apple Loops and 16 Wav Loops
• Maschine2 – 2 x Projects, 4 x Drum Kits, 4 x Bass, 16 x Keyboard Instr, 9 Chromatic Drums
• Geist – 4 x Presets and 4 Kits
• Battery 3 – 4 x Kits
• Kontakt 5 – 4 x Drum Kits, 4 x Bass, 9 x Chromatic Drums, 16 x Keyboard Instr. (full version of Kontakt needed)
• Logic EXS24 – 4 x Drum Kits, 4 x Bass, 9 x Chromatic Drums, 16 x Keyboard Instr.
• Ableton Live 9 – 4 x Drum Racks, 4 x Bass, 9 x Chromatic Drums, 16 x Keyboard Instr.
• Reason 6.5 – 4 x Kong and 29 x NNXT
• 16 bit wav for Hardware Samplers
The samples will also download in any sampler or DAW that accepts 24 bit wav
Publisher : Goldbaby
Website : Goldbaby
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

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