F9 Audio – 21St Century Soul – Deluxe Version (WAV, MIDI, EXS, NKI, SXT, SFZ)

By | October 9, 2021


Publisher: F9 Audio
Site: f9-audio.com
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: In the post-EDM world, one sound is emitted from headphones and radios in the world: SOUL.
Modern producers take the sounds and chords of the past and blend them with the production values ​​and sound of the future.
You hear it in Toronto’s hip hop, which is taking over the world charts. all over the place and is a welcome return to rich complex chords after stadium triads and powerful Rock-esque chords that have dominated electronics for the past 10 years.
Before creating this huge package, we asked ourselves, “What do we personally want from 21th Century Soul?” The answer was simple: big fat music hooks and a lot of them with beats that just work. very top hip-hop producers, but sampling the original vinyl is simply not financially beneficial for 99% of musicians.

Content :
294 Beat and Drum loops
17 Separate Beat stem packs with 169 Wav stems
246 Midi files
228 Chord samples
400 drum samples Including 141 Deluxe drum samples
73 Bass loops
68 Synth Loops
56 Maxi Riff files
56 Resampled loops
21 Inspiration loops
87 Tape delay hits
60 Rhodes loops
63 Piano loops
41 FX & Vox Loops
42 Grunge layers
50 Guitar loops
41 Key Loops
43 Organ Loops
30 String and pad loops
40 Kontakt Instruments with Custom GUI + controls *
40 Soft sampler patches – EXS 24, Live racks, NNXT, SFZ, Structure

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