Epic Stock Media – Fantasy Game (WAV)

By | September 22, 2017

Over 500 sound effects inspired by World of Warcraft and Diablo computer game hits. Tell your story, equip your quest or adventure in your fantasy world with creative and exciting sounds, effects and creative audio. Fantasy Game expands the capabilities of modern game developers, sound remixers, sound engineers, DJs and even game-oriented modern podcasters with an ultra-exciting collection of created sounds derived from the stunning 192k original recordings. Bibiloteca includes sounds: wooden levers, crafting, potions and stones, magic scenes, rockets, molten lava and ice, spells, crossbows, knives and swords.
Fantasy Game is a developed game sound library of adventure games, which is ideal for fantastic productions and is intended for game developers and audio producers in every genre.

• 044 x Actions
• 055 x Attacks And Creatures
• 112 x Crafting
• 115 x Elemental Magic
• 091 x Footsteps
• 059 x Items
• 043 x UI
• 517 x Individual WAVs Files
Publisher : Epic Stock Media
Website : epicstockmedia.com/product/fantasy-game
Format : WAV
Quality : 16 bit 44.1 kHz / 24 bit 96.1 kHz stereo

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