Emergence Audio – Infinite Upright (KONTAKT)

By | June 23, 2024


Publisher: Emergence Audio
Website: emergenceaudio.com
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Requires full version of Kontakt 7.7.3+

Description: Piano in Orbit We are pleased to present Infinite Upright, a virtuosic collection of textured pianos created by our founder and award-winning composer Michael Vignola. This collection is the pinnacle of our commitment to combining organic sounds with cutting-edge sound design techniques, ideal for composers and sound designers looking for depth and innovation in their musical projects.

Recorded on a vintage 1980s Baldwin Upright piano, known for its distinctive tone and resonance, Mike intricately executed and engineered each sound. This collection is designed to enrich your projects with both the raw emotion and detailed textures that only a piano of this quality can offer.

Infinite Upright spans a wide soundscape, from the ethereal softness of ambient layers to the intensity of evocative harmonics and tactile, organic textures. Through a combination of modular Eurorack systems, advanced digital processing, our Non-Static Sampling™ process and working with our Infinite Motion Engine™ 2.0, each sampled note includes subtle and unique variations over an extended period. This technique, developed by Mike, preserves the natural complexity and richness of live instruments while adding depth, realism and ever-evolving quality to the sounds. It improves the acoustic quality of the piano, allowing the sound to be precisely shaped and modulated for added volume.

The creation of Infinite Upright represents a deep commitment to research and innovation, combining the traditional charm of the piano with the potential of modern synthesis. This method not only preserves the inherent characteristics of the Baldwin Upright, but also expands its sonic capabilities, capturing everything from subtle undertones to room-filling crescendos designed to inspire.

Infinite Upright is more than just a sound library, it’s a versatile tool that pushes the boundaries of music creation. Ideal for film scoring, ambient music, theme songwriting and dynamic sound design, this library encourages artists to combine classical and contemporary styles while exploring new musical landscapes.

We hope that as you use Infinite Upright in your work, it will become a cornerstone of your creative process. We can’t wait to see how this unique collection will inspire your projects and enhance your artistic expression.

Instrument Overview :
– Infinite Motion Engine™ 2.0
– Non-Static Sampling™
– Long evolving performances
– 200 presets to spark inspiration
– 100+ parameters to customize your own sound
– 24bit 48kHz samples
– 9.05 GB installed
– Midi learn / automation
– Fully Compatible With Native Instruments Hardware

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