East West Quantum Leap – Symphonic Choirs + WordBuilder 1.1.2

By | January 21, 2016

Kompakt Symphonic Orchestra is pleyrom samples, standard clone of Native Instruments Kompakt. More important component is WordBuilder, which allows you to fill the text. This text and sings the chorus instead of the usual A-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. Structurally, the circuit can be described as follows: Sampler (Kompakt) -> WordBuilder -> sequencer (Sonar)

The proposed distribution has:
1. CD player EWQL Symphonic Choirs
2. WordBuilder.1.1.1.Win and Mac with the generators of the right numbers and letters.
3. WordBuilder.1.1.1.Win upgrade to version 1.1.2
4. Documentation WordBuilder in PDF (100 pages in English. Language). Also added documentation CD pleyera EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, the work which is identical to a CD player EWQL Symphonic Choirs (150 pages in English. Language).

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