Desings – Evolution Energy Trance Vol.3 (SYNTH PRESET)

By | April 5, 2022


Release year: 2012
Manufacturer: Desings MassiveTM
License: Free presets
Software-Version: NI Massive 1.3.0
Main Genre: Trance, Progressive
Additional Genre: Electro, House, Club
Presets: 50 pcs
Format: nmsv

Description: Evolution Energy Volume 3 Trance preset package by Desings Massive for the NI Massive instrument. Evolution Energy Volume 3, unlike Volume 1 and 2, is more dynamic, better, more melodic. Presets for writing music in the style of Trance and electronic, club music… Presets are provided by Desings Free of charge and without commerce. The number of main presets is 50 pcs including cool PAD presets from Desings Massive. Warm sound, minimum noise will create a pleasant composition.

Evolution Energy Volume 3 this new part with serias (Desings Massive Evolution Energy). Trance preset pack from the virtual instrument NI Massive 1.3.0 and above. Evolution Energy Volume 3, Unlike a Volume 1 and 2, dynamic, high-quality, melodious. Presets for writing music in the style of Trance and electronic club music … Presets are available Designs Free and no commerce. Number of key Preset 50 pieces including a big and hot (Desings Massive) PAD preset. This Volume 3 be cool for make Trance Track with warm sound.

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