Cymatics – BLACK – Serum Suite (SYNTH PRESET)

By | November 24, 2022


Publisher: Cymatics
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo


1. BLACK: Trap Collection
The sound design in today’s Trap is often very aggressive, energetic and varied – you’ll find everything from huge FM basses to high, aching sounds in today’s best Trap tracks.
And to create the highest quality version of these Trap sounds, our team carefully studied artists such as Quix, Boombox Cartel, NGHTMRE and more.
The result is a premium collection of basses, plugins, leads and more to enhance your Trap tracks.

2.BLACK: Future Bass Collection
For this collection, our team of professional sound engineers turned to renowned Future Bass artists such as Flume, Medasin and Illenium.
They have studied the sounds and tracks of these top artists to create a comprehensive collection of premium, useful Future Bass presets.
Get all the Leads, Basses, Supersaws and more you need to make unforgettable Future Bass songs.

3.BLACK: Dubstep Collection
Modern Dubstep has some of the most aggressive and complex sound design in EDM. You’ll find tons of growling basses, FM basses, hard leads and more.
Influenced by Dubstep heavyweights like Virtual Riot, Skrillex and Zomboy, our most experienced sound designers have created an amazing collection of Dubstep Serum sounds.
They’ve taken whey to the absolute limit to bring you incredible growls, wobbles, sequencers and more!

4.BLACK: House Collection
For Black: House Collection, our production team drew inspiration from the incredible masters of House such as Tchami, Malaa and Jauz.
They studied the tracks of these top artists and meticulously crafted tons of FM basses, leads, tracks and more, all capturing the essence of house music.
Get your hands on these premium, useful sounds to take your House tracks to a professional level.

5. BLACK: Hip Hop Collection
Sound design in hip hop is extremely diverse and unique. The interesting synths and carefully crafted instrumentation we hear on modern hip-hop hits are often the basis of a song.
Inspired by the best tracks from Travis Scott, Drake, The Weeknd and more, our team of sound engineers have created an essential collection of Hip Hop Serum presets that are instantly ready to be used on your beats.
Take advantage of this offer and create more unique, authentic and high quality hip hop beats with these sounds now.

6.BLACK: Pop Collection
For this collection, our production team has carefully analyzed tons of songs from producers and artists that dominate the Billboard Top 100 chart.
Many of these artists constantly use lush electronic sounds that give their songs a familiar, professional feel.
After studying these tracks, our team has captured that contemporary pop sound and created a diverse collection of premium basses, leads, outtakes, keys and more to help you turn your next song into a major hit.

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