Cockos – REAPER 5.962 + PORTABLE [Win x86 x64]

By | January 23, 2019


Year / Release Date : 11/17/2018
Version : 5.962
Developer : Cockos
Developer website : Cockos
Digit capacity : 32bit, 64bit
Interface language : English, Russian
Tabletka : cured
System requirements : Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Description : Cockos Reaper is one of the most advanced programs for creating music, both in the studio and at home. The main feature of the program is that it has pattern, keyboard and audio editing. You can set an unlimited number of audio or midi tracks, not counting how many virtual instruments of VST format can be added.
Reaper takes not so much space on the hard disk and does not load the processor, as programs from the FL Studio, Cubase, Reason or Sonar series. With this program, you can work even on low-power computers with sound cards that do not support Full duplex operating modes. Although, if the soundcard supports this mode, you will get unlimited opportunities to create your own compositions with professional sound even in formats such as 5 + 1, and if there are additional plug-ins, and 7 + 1.
The great advantage of the program is that it supports VST / VST3, not counting support for DirectX plug-ins. You can use both built-in audio editing or midi tracks, and third-party plug-ins. The program also supports the connection of virtual tools ReWire. Thanks to the harmonious interface, you can always see what you are editing at the moment. A virtual multichannel remote control is always in front of your eyes – with its help you can instantly perform operations with changing the volume, editing effects on both a single track and the Master track.

New in version:

v5.962 – November 17 2018
+ Autosave: fix autosave when undo is completely disabled
Autosave: autosave from occurring [t = 189230]
+ Grid: update framerate grid immediately when changing project framerate [t = 213363]
+ JSFX: frequency analyzer, analyzer slope control, improve UI layout for smaller sizes
+ Linux: fix JSFX / ReaScript EEL bug on armv7l
+ Linux: VST2 bridging / firewalling support
+ Linux: reduce flicker when certain windows overlap (eg meter + track rename)
+ Linux: auto-cleanup for zombie processes when returning for reaper.ExecProcess () or if jackd takes a long time to exit
+ MIDI editor: better pasting of time-selection-copied notes
MIDI editor: select time for selection start [p = 2055757]
+ macOS: do not use 32-bit bridge on Mojave
+ Marker manager: fix time format autodetection
+ Media explorer: follow project setting for pitch when inserting media and not using tempo matching [t = 213045]
+ Media items: Disabling item looping
+ OGG Vorbis: update to libogg 1.3.3, libvorbis 1.3.6
+ OSC: .ReaperOSC parsing improvements (continue loading .ReaperOSC files that have unknown action tokens)
+ OSC: add / loop / start / time and / loop / end / time messages
+ OSC: Lowering device marker
+ OSC: send marker position and region no. When removing markers
+ OSC: allow setting various device counts to 0 via message
+ OSC: update Default.ReaperOSC to accurately reflect default state
+ Opus: update to Opus v1.3 (opusfile 0.11)
+ Project settings: fix writing of project measurement offset [t = 213175]
+ ReaScript: InsertMediaSection () / InsertMedia () only if you use tempo matching or pitch shifting
+ ReaComp: improved knee behavior, added “weird knee” checkbox for old behavior [t = 208286]
+ ReaControlMIDI: fix incorrectly when sending MIDI 
+ ReaEQ: fix fix preview for certain filters
+ ReaFIR: fix potential shift [t = 212541]
+ ReaSurround: avoid possible dead changing when changing channel counts [t = 213308]
+ ReaTune: update UI on preset load [t = 212979]
ReaXcomp: Improve your old man’s old presets
+ Recording: improve performance when disarming tracks during recording
+ Render: add $ starttimecode, $ endtimecode wildcards [t = 213312]
+ Render: add $ startframes / $ endframes / $ lengthframes (whole absolute frames) wildcards
+ Render: add $ startseconds / $ endseconds / $ lengthseconds (whole seconds) wildcards
+ Render: add $ length, $ lengthbeats wildcards
+ Ruler: fix copying / moving regions with multiple overlapping items [t = 213338]
+ VST3: support notifying plug-ins of track title, GUID, color, and index via IInfoListener interface
+ Video: add blur preset (thanks wwwmaze)
+ Video: optimize gfx_evalrect ()

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