Cakewalk – VX-64 Vocal Strip 1.0.2 (VST) [Win x86]

By | March 24, 2017


Cakewalk – VX-64 Vocal Strip (vocal processing) – one of the most recent effect of plugins for vocal processing. New algorithms and results of the effects will allow you to get deep, crystal vocals.

Cakewalk – VX-64 Vocal Strip has many effects for professional work, namely: Input – a quality presenter with a softener; De-esser – removal of high-frequency distortions and whistling sounds; Compander – a vocal compressor with an expander; Tube EQ – equalizer for giving the sound character and color; Doubler – stereo dubbing effect; Delay – the effect of delays (repetitions) with the ability to synchronize with the tempo of music; Output – control of saturation using a soft-clipping filter.

Extras. The information : VX-64 Vocal Strip has 64 ready presets for the beginning of work with it, and further already your experience and hearing will help very quickly to achieve stunning results of processing of a vocal. To get started with Cakewalk VX-64 Vocal Strip, just copy the VX64_VocalStrip.DLL file to the folder with your plugins


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