Bunker 8 Digital Labs – Downtempo Darkness 1 & 2 (Acid Loops, Aiff, Battery, E-mu X2, Kontakt, WAV)

By | April 6, 2017

Downtempo Darkness ULTRA Bundle brings both Bunker 8 Downtempo Darkness 1 & 2 together into these exclusive tools. You will receive 6.0 GB of content and more than 1022 audio files. The collection of hip-hop, trip-hop, downtempo with atmospheric depth. Bunker 8 uses the proprietary technology of the sample cycle. All the beats were processed by Neve, Soundcraft and SSL

Fufilling the promise of bringing “the emotional depth and resonance of the wells dug deep,” Bunker 8 has plumbed the extreme depths of sombre despair, those dark places of endless melacholy that your creativity has just been hungering for …

Multilated filter beats, disquieting string sections, morbid echo keys, twisted atmospherics, this collection has it all.

Digital Product Includes: Hits, Loops, Melodics, Construction Kits

• 611 Acid Loops
• 226 Apple Loops
• 24 Battery 2 Kits
• 24 Emulator Kits
• 24 Kontakt 2 Kits
• 24 NNXT Kits
• 24 Sample Tank Kits
• 65 Single Hit Samples


Developer : bunker 8 Digital labs
Website : www.bunker8.com
Format : Acid Loops, Aiff, Battery, E-mu X2, Kontakt, WAV
Quality : 24 bits, 44100 kHz


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