Blue Cat Audio – Plugins Bundle – NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer (VST, VST3, AAX) [Win x64]

By | September 13, 2018


Year / Date of Issue : 2018.07
Developer : Blue Cat Audio
Developer’s site :
Format : VST, VST3, AAX, (Standalone Blue Cat’s PatchWork 2.2)
Bit depth : 64bit
Tabletka : not required
System requirements : Windows 7 +

Description : Blue Cat’s Axiom is a powerful and affordable multi-effects processor and software for modeling guitar and bass amplifiers. Based on the popular Destructor plugin simulating preamp, Axiom offers an infinite number of exceptional tones for your guitar.
The plug-in includes two channels for modeling amplifiers (with a preliminary and post-effect) that can be mixed or used alternatively, like in a real amplifier. You can select preamp models from hundreds of presets or run the editor to create your own, with complete control over tone. Additional input and master sections allow you to adjust the tone on the input and output of the Axiom, with 4 additional effect slots and an integrated high-precision tuner. The barcode limiter also protects the signal at the output from the overload.
Axiom includes 40 built-in effects that can be loaded into any of the 32 slots, including the built-in version of Late Replies for creative delays and reverberations, as well as an integrated version of Destructor for adding your own distortion pedals, cabinets or modeling additional amplifiers.
Blue Cat’s Axiom is not limited to its built-in effects: these slots can also contain third-party VST or VST3 modules: you can use your favorite plug-ins anywhere in the signal chain and infinitely expand the capabilities of Axiom.
Blue Cat’s Destructor is a powerful distortion and amplifier effect model that can simulate any overload: from dramatic digital destruction to smooth compression or modeling a guitar amp.
Comes with hundreds of presets and models, either inspired by existing equipment (guitar and bass amps, cabinets, compressors, pedals, tape recorders …) or created by our destructive minds.
But the plugin is not limited to these models: all parameters of existing presets are completely edited, which gives you access to an unlimited number of overload simulations – there is no need to purchase additional presets or amplifier models to create your tone. Based on the perceptual model, and not on electronic constructions or impulse responses, the signal chain is minimized, simplifying the tone adjustment process and making it fit into the mix.
The plug-in reacts to the game of instruments, providing a very natural impression, similar to the experience of analog equipment.


Blue Cat Audio – The Guitar Amp Sim
Blue Cat Audio – Chorus
Blue Cat Audio – Flanger
Blue Cat Audio – FreqAnalyst
Blue Cat Audio – Gain Suite
Blue Cat Audio – Triple EQ
Blue Cat Audio – Phaser
Blue Cat’s Destructor 1.3.2
Blue Cat’s PatchWork 2.2
MB-7 Mixer 2.54
Late Replies 1.2.0
Blue Cat’s Axiom 1.0.0

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