Black Octopus Sound – Imaginate Element Series – Charta – Paper DnB (WAV, SERUM, BATTERY, KONTAKT)

By | February 12, 2021


Publisher: Black Octopus Sound
Quality: 24/32 bit 44.1 kHz stereo / mono

Description: From the artist who gave you Aqua, a package made entirely of water; now offers you the next issue … this time; made entirely of PAPER! Imaginate is back again and what’s the concept for you all.
Charta – Paper DnB is made of paper … even if you can’t tell right away … nevertheless, this is what gives it such a unique sound and such a super original look! Inside this huge package, there are loads of single shots and loops such as drums, pads, synths, solos, atmospheres, effects … you name it! Along with these bubbling loops and one shot, there are Sampler tools built for Kontakt and Battery 4, and 100 serum presets. All of these advanced package elements give you something that will inspire you for years to come. This is a no brainer!
DnB has already become a popular genre and it has gotten a lot heavier with Imaginate’s “Charta – Paper DnB” … Who would have thought that something as fragile as paper could do so much damage? Download Charta – Paper DnB today!

· All sounds made entirely out of PAPER!
A Total of 1005 Sounds
30 Atmosphere Atonal One Shots
29 Atmosphere Tonal One Shots
60 Bass Loops
75 Bass One Shots
28 Charta Sampler Instruments
77 Foley One Shots
59 Full Drums Loops
30 FX Downlifters
30 FX Risers
26 Kick Loops
29 Kick One Shots
30 Pad Loops
29 Pad One Shots
30 Percussion One Shots
55 Snare Loops
30 Snare One Shots
58 Synth Loops
60 Synth One Shots
60 Top Loops
31 Top One Shots
99 Xfer Serum Presets
50 Xfer Serum Wavetables


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