Big Fish Audio – Breakbeat (Wav)

By | August 8, 2016
We know what you’ve all been looking for… breakbeats on vinyl! Those absolutely authentic beats with the crispy vinyl sound used by top producers. They’ve been notoriously hard to get… until now. The all time sweetest breaks along with every hit from every loop! Breakbeat is PACKED with nothing but 4/4 beats- punchy kicks, crunchy snares & sizzling hi-hats. These extended beats can be dropped into anything! “The loops are inspiring, raw, creatively sliced & diced, greazy to lo-fi at times, plus there’s a ton of material on board.” – Keyboard “…this CD is the business if you like your beats to scream, feel and groove.” – Future Music
* BreakBeat Loops 397
* Hi Hats 121
* Kicks 520
* Other Percussion 47
* Scratchy Section 200
* Snares 321

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