BIAS – SoundSoap PRO v2.0 (VST.RTAS) [Win]

By | March 19, 2017

SoundSoap Pro 2 is an advanced noise reduction audio restoration plug-in that’s powerful enough for demanding audio professionals, yet easy enough for anyone to use.
SoundSoap Pro’s unique and comprehensive approach combines hum, rumble, click, crackle, and broadband noise reduction tools with a sophisticated noise gate, in a single intuitive user interface.
Unlike other audio restoration tools, this streamlined, tab-based interface guides the user through the various tools in a way that yields the best results in the least amount of time.

SoundSoap dramatically reduces tape hiss, buzzing and hum, rumble, and most other types of background noise.


  • SoundSoap’s easy & intuitive workspace makes cleaning audio a snap – while its unique Wash Window shows how well it works.
  • Removes hiss, hum & buzzing, rumble & most other noise – without harming the audio you wish to preserve.
  • Use SoundSoap’s one-step Learn Noise button to automatically reduce noise – or use its manual controls for more advanced applications.
  • Standalone version works with any QuickTime-compatible audio or video file (AVI, DV, .WAV, SDII, AIFF, MP3, MP4 & many more).
  • Preserve Voice button helps remove noise (and other audio) outside of the range of the human voice.
  • Hum removal optimized for 60 Hertz (North America, etc.) or 50 Hertz (Europe, Australia, etc.).
  • Noise Only mode lets you listen only to the noise being removed – & is ideal for fine-tuning SoundSoap’s controls.


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