AudioRealism – ABL Pro VSTi, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

By | May 24, 2016



AudioRealism Bass Line Pro (ABL Pro) by AudioRealism is a Virtual Synth Instrument Plugin for Windows and Mac OS X. It functions as a VST Plugin and an Audio Units Plugin.

Key features:

  • Full range oscillators with no aliasing.
  • Non-linear filter with self oscillation and VCF tracking.
  • Can be used to process external signals, for example through the VCF.
  • Stereo Delay unit with modulatable delay time (left & right).
  • 32-voice polyphonic mode.
  • Patch cable system that allows additional CV routing.
  • 500+ preset patches and sequences.

Synth specifications:

  • 2 Voltage controlled oscillators with sawtooth, squarewave, pulse, triangle and sinus waveforms.
  • 1 Voltage controlled noise generator.
  • 1 Modulation Generator with Audio Output, which can be used as 3rd VCO.
  • 1 Voltage controlled filter (3 filter types, 18dB, 24dBSO and 24dBSO 2xoversampled).
  • 2 Envelope generators (Main envelope generator and volume envelope generator), with voltage control.
  • Oscillation operator unit (ring and sync between oscillators).
  • Noise generator with variable color.
  • 1 Envelope follower for AUX signals.
  • 2 Inverter modules.
  • 2 Attenuators, one with lag output.

Sequencer specifications:

  • 1 Sequencer with CV Note/Gate output and gate outputs for Slide and Accent.
  • 7 octave range.
  • 64 steps x 128 patterns.
  • Effects per step: Accent, Slide, Transpose up & down.
  • Prescale per pattern: 1/16, 1/32, 1/16T and 1/8T.

Many of the features from ABL are still there:

  • Internal pattern sequencer.
  • User skinnable.
  • Full MIDI CC control with learning function.
  • Rebirth pattern import.
  • Freebee pattern import/export.
  • Two MIDI modes (Pattern and Note).


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