789ten – The Seth Hills Producer Pack (WAV, SERUM, TUTORIAL, LOGIC)

By | May 18, 2024


Publisher: 789ten
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Comprehensive package from House producer Seth Hills; the miracle of recording STMPD!
The producer pack consists of several components with many bonuses:

Tutorial: In over 2 hours, you’ll learn how to create a track from scratch, starting with a single sample to form a melody, then create a track with build-ups and fat drops in a Seth Hills aesthetic. He also demonstrates some of his favorite theories about creating contrast in your arrangement, mixing and mastering, as well as numerous tips and tricks.

Sample Pack: A huge component of this offering, including 11 hits (6 new hits + hits from Echo, Fire, Centipede and Whisper… yes, you read that right!) 5 x 808s, 6 x claps, 5 x drop- clap, 6 x fills, 12 x FX, 7 x high hats, 12 x percussion loops, 8 x percussion, one beat, 7 x risers, 12 x traps, 12 x synth beats.

BONUS: Serum presets (5 sounds):
5th Bass – Strong hit on the lead bass that you hear in the trailer in the drop.
Attack Bass – Super fat and gritty bass with lots of texture
Saw Chords is a very useful saw preset designed by Seth using 2 voices and special filter settings, light expansion, distortion and strong multi-band compression.
Saw Pluck – Simple plucking; it just sounds good.
Wob Bass – one word: FILTHY
Logic Project: Contains everything from the tutorial, except for a few sounds that came from other sample sets (eg vocals and lofi bell breakdowns can be obtained very inexpensively from Splice)
BONUS: Arts Acoustic Reverb Preset: Absolutely love this, optimized for leads, instantly adds depth and lush ambience with Custom Set Presets

Content :
Total run time of tutorial:
2 hours 12 minutes 20 sec

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