York Audio – PRNC 110 OX Lite (Kemper, WAV)

By | January 16, 2022


Publisher: York Audio
Website: yorkaudio.com
Format: KIPR, WAV
Quality: 24 bit 96, 48, 44.1 kHz mono

Description: The York Audio PRNC 110 OX Lite Cab Pack is based on a 1969 Fender™ Princeton-Amp with an original 10″ Oxford speaker. The timbre is unique and varied, with a surprising amount of warm lows, grainy mids and highs that go from crisp to glassy and everything in between. It works great with single coil guitars, but also sounds great with humbuckers with reduced bass settings on the amp. Whether you play country, P&W, indie rock or funk, this Cab Pack is for you.

Content :
Microphones used in this Cab Pack
57 – Based on a modern Shure™ SM57
58 – Based on a Shure™ SM58
421 – Based on a vintage Sennheiser™ MD421
906 – Based on a Sennheiser™ e906
121- Based on a Royer™ R-121
160 – Based on a Beyerdynamic™ M160
U47 – Based on a Telefunken™ U47
ROOM 1, 2, and 3 – Captured with a Telefunken™ U47
REAR 1 and 2 – Captured with a Telefunken™ U47
SIDE – Captured with a Telefunken™ U47

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