Vengeance – Studio Vocals Vol.1 (wav)

By | January 2, 2016


The latest collection of vocal samples for all kinds of progressive dance music.Vengeance Studio Vocals vol.1 – new sample pack with top notch vocal kits 20 professional written and recorded dance, trance and pop Songs.


– 20 professional written and recorded Dance-, Trance-, Electro-and Popsongs.
– 6 different skilled studio singers.
– All vocals are professionally compressed and EQ-ed.
– Songs come with both Dry (no reverb, no delay) and FX (reverb, delay, side-chain) versions.
– Includes MIDI files of each songs with corresponding chords.
– Some kits contain suiting basslines, pads or synths as WAV file.
– Fast and easy to implement in your production (BPM and 4 click pre-roll to each sample).
– Over 700 MB High Quality Wav format.

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