Valentino – Production Sound Effects Library DVD6 (WAV)

By | November 21, 2016


Professional studio sound effects library on 50 CD. For scoring films, theater performances, TV shows, radio intros and others.

This 50 CD set has a comprehensive cross section of every type of sound effect imaginable in a variety of categories.

Valentino Production Music and Sound Effects Library has provided music and sound effects audio clips in archival library format to the feature film, TV, Radio and related industries since 1932. It is the oldest and largest sound collection of this kind in the US. Having provided music and sound effects clips in this format for more than 70 years, the WALL STREET JOURNAL has said that “When you hear most any sound other than a human voice on television, radio, in the movies or theatre, there’s a good chance that it was developed in the Valentino studios.”

Content drives
DVD 1:
CD01 – Household, Phones
CD02 – Audience, Applause, Office sounds
CD03 – Science Fiction effects, Lasers, Light beams
CD04 – Traffic, Ambience, Planes
CD05 – Walking, Machinery, Trucks
CD06 – Cars, Boats, Construction
CD07 – Airplanes, Helicopters, Machine Guns
CD08 – Clocks, Telephones, Airports
CD09 – Men, Women, Jungle animals
DVD 2:
CD10 – Trains, Farm animals, Dogs
CD11 – Billiards, Bowling, Construction
CD12 – Bells, Slide wistles, Percussion instruments
CD13 – Animals
CD14 – Military vehicles
CD15 – Military vehicles, Weapons
CD16 – Famous speeches # 1
CD17 – Percussion, Bongos, Tympani rolls, Gongs, Drums
DVD 3:
CD18 – Police, Fire engines
CD19 – Crowds, Race cars, Baseball
CD20 – Guns, Sirens, Tools
CD21 – Drums
CD22 – Steam trains, Diesel trains, Subway trains
CD23 – Sports crowds
CD24 – Ice skating, Clocks, Bells, Whistles
CD25 – Fireworks, Sports
DVD 4:
CD26 – Thunder, Rain, Weather backgrounds
CD27 – Laugh tracks, Vocalizing, Tap dance
CD28 – Animals, Insects, Whistles, Electronics
CD29 – Sports Crowds, Casino effects, Horses
CD30 – Golf, Football, Exercise effects
CD31 – Automobiles, various
CD32 – Trolleys, Airplanes, Ambience
CD33 – Horror effects, Science Fiction
CD34 – Jeep effects, Wrestling, Crowds
DVD 5:
CD35 – Vocal effects, breathing, Moaning, Baby
CD36 – Footsteps, Children, Laughter
CD37 – Hospital effects
CD38 – Zings, Pops, Bangs, Squeaks, Grunts
CD39 – Screams, Squeaks, Grumbles, Bongs, Pulses
CD40 – Military jets
CD41 – Animal effects, snorts, grunts, farm ambience
CD42 – Famous speeches # 2
CD43 – Car effects, Bus effects
CD44 – Motorcycles, Sports cars
CD45 – Birds (all types)
DVD 6:
CD46 – Animals (wild)
CD47 – Construction, Street ambience, Explosions
CD48 – Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Ricochets
CD49 – Human effects, Breathing, Screaming, Horror effects
CD50 – Buzzers, Cameras, Small appliances
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