The Unfinished & Luftrum – Synthwave Diva 2 for U-He Diva (SYNTH PRESET)

By | November 28, 2022


Publisher: The Unfinished & Luftrum
Website: luftrum
Format: SYNTH PRESET (U-He Diva)

Description : Unfinished and Luftrum have once again teamed up in a sound lab, this time to bring you Synthwave Diva 2 as a continuation of their collaboration since 2016.
The result is a release that sounds vintage yet modern and innovative in its production, and is full of the craftsmanship of the two sound designers and signature sound – with playable synthpop leads, analogue bass lines, bright arps, whimsical basses and rich pads. .
The set contains 128 fresh presets for U-He Diva and picks up where the first set left off, inspired by the pioneers of retro and their modern successors of synthwave, darksynth and modern synthpop.

Copy preset folder to C:\ProgramData\u-he\\Presets\Diva

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