Splice Sounds – Mike Hawkins Presets for Serum (SYNTH PRESET)

By | April 19, 2022



Publisher: Splice Sounds
Website: splice.com

Description: Hello everyone! I’m happy to present you my new Serum preset pack! Steve Duda did an amazing job with this synth and it’s one of the most versatile synths I can think of, so it was natural for me to use it to recreate the kind of atmosphere that I think makes recordings fantastic. In this pack you will find 64 original presets created from scratch. Some of them may seem “weird” at first glance (or in your particular track), but you can be sure that they have all been carefully thought out with a specific idea in mind. The “Knice Party” preset might sound weird on high notes, but drop it lower and this patch will kill. There’s something completely crazy about “Streets” when it’s played as a fast drop pattern. “This One Loves Chords” sounds very sad on its own, however, take a great minor chord and listen for the consequences of the sound. So good! What about “Spacetime”? It may not be your typical arp, but play a few notes one after the other and hear them come to life. And a patch like “Istanbul” changes dramatically depending on how fast you hit a note. You understand what I am trying to say here. Make some amazing recordings with these sounds! A significant portion of these were turned on/off in my own recordings when I needed this “unique” layer – it was more important to me than just creating an “Electro Leads 101” folder. Some sounds work great out of their range (“BA Beast” is a great advantage too!), and some you have to keep in the intended range (“BA Clash” is great on the lows, but freaky, terrible breakaway). And check out “BA State of EDM 2015” – a monster wobbly bass, but in high notes it sounds like a Fisher Price flute. And then I want to thank my friends 7 Skies, Toby Green and Futuristic Polar Bears, who added a few sounds each and really helped bring the pack to life. All the best! Mike Hawkins

Content :
63 Serum Presets

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