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Classic Simmons Analog Toms, White Noise & Tuned Kicks

Simmons SDS-800 is an analogue of the 80’s drum synthesizer, responsible for the sounds of cosmic synthesis (“beeww beeww”), used in countless discos, boogie and reggae. In the 1990s, it was re-popularized in the techno world, with an unprocessed resonant white noise generator, which is used for the harsh programming of hats and low power. And more recently, the shock sounds of Simmons have become a signature for groups of punk funk, such as LCD Soundsystem. All Simmons’ different brains differ in sound, and the SDS800 is no exception; it easily holds up against a larger (and much more expensive) SDSV. Voices are a little tighter and faster, the resonance on the trap is capable of a wider range of sounds, and Tom’s second skin is undemanding.

Recording process
We tracked 800 mostly raw to provide the maximum subtractive sculpture in your sampler or DAW by choice, only occasionally applying compression from 1776 to some bass drums. Writing most of the views on the tape, we twisted (many) the knobs in all types of combo for the trap, getting many variations of resonance, envelope and filter settings. To create “hi hats”, we included an additional (Moog) high pass filter. For the bass drum and volumes, we took a more calculated approach – groups of bass drum tuning (including digital, raw) with a guitar tuner. Each file name is marked with its corresponding note number, and you can create some amazing bass lines and analog melodies.

The volumes were recorded in groups, which makes them ideal for working with traditional volumes. Various combinations include: noise, no noise, long drop, short fall and a second skin – which sounds like a kind of ring modulation or frequency modulation, and very cool. Results: 480 classic Simmons drum beats – bass drum, trap, toms and (our) ha-ha. Access to extensive organized individual hits or immediate jamming with eight ready-made 16 sets of hits – a variety of sets with such classic volumes, white noise kits, grunt FX suites and chromatic bass kits.

At the end
SDS800 From Mars and Simmons in general can make this classic synthesizer, but they are capable of SO much more. Hits seem to be superb on their own, but when you start applying patterns with other drum hits (based on eprom or samples), they really start to shine. If you ever have a weak sample that you like, try using these analog hits to fatten and concentrate it. A layer of white noise to add depth, Energy and impacts to an existing trap, use an analog under the existing bass drum. Or just the program “Losing My Edge” and see how the checks are going.

480 24bit WAV SDS800 Simmons Samples
(8) pre-made 16x Hit Kits for instant jamming
Classic Syn-Toms, White Noise Snares & Hats, Tuned Sub Bass & FX
Variations of sounds include pitch bend, tune, resonance, decay length, noise amount & more
Toms and Bass Drums recorded in groups for better playability
Chromatic Bass Drums, labeled by note name
Most drums are recorded to tape and largely unprocessed
Ableton: includes 1 master drum rack with all samples
Kontakt, Logic & Reason: include: 15 Individual Hit Instruments & 2 Kits instruments containg 8 pre-made 16x hit kits
Maschine & Battery include: 8 pre-made 16x hit kits
MPC1000 & MPC2500 include: 8 pre-made 16x Hit kits on 2 MPC Programs
107 MB Unzipped Per Format
Publisher : Samples From Mars
Website :
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo


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